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Virtual Awards Ceremony

*We've adapted the following from Lewis & Clark, who previous adapted this from James Madison University. All credit goes to them.

Enter the Auditorium in Yaatly, which will redirect you to a Zoom session. Open the Zoom session through the Zoom App and complete the following steps to honor our finalists:

STEP 1: Enter the Zoom room  and please remain muted (so as to prevent disruption and digitized feedback).

STEP 2: Once the awards assembly has begun, ensure you are using “Gallery View” rather than “Speaker View.” (This can be done in the top right-hand corner of your screen.)


STEP 3: We next ask that you hide non-video participants. To do this you’ll simply click on the three vertical dots of someone who does not have their video on currently. 

You'll then "hide non-video participants"

We will call for finalists in each event to turn on their video. When finalists in an event are being announced, we ask that only the finalists for that particular event leave their camera on while everyone else keeps their camera off!

For individual sweepstakes and debate speakers, we will announce an alphabetical list of students earning awards., before calling them out in order.

When we call for team sweepstakes, everyone from that school should turn on their video

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