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Scroll down to learn more about the CARD community topic library, including how to contribute and links to the current season's library and guide.

Current Topic Library 

Fall 2023 Topic Wording: Resolved: The United States should restrict its nuclear forces in one of the following ways: adopting a no-first-use policy; unilaterally disarming its nuclear weapons; removing all of its tactical nuclear weapons from Europe.

Fall 2023 Topic Library:

The fall CARD library is published and active at this Google-sheet (click to link).

Full-text copies of all library articles are available here.

Library use quick-guide:

1) Navigate easily using the tabs at the bottom of the sheet, which divides the library by content area. The "Complete" tab contains the full record of the active library.

2) To access the full text documents in the library, scroll to the furthest column on the right and click the relevant link. It will take you to a saved copy of the article.

3) Report any library errors or problems to

Other Library Resources:

Fall 23 Topic Library Parameters and Deadlines.

Google Form for Submitting Articles: 

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