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Presentation Program (schedule, sessions, locations).

Presentation Overview:

  • Total session time is 90 minutes (45-55 minutes for presentations, 30 minutes for discussion and feedback).

  • Presentations should last 8-10 minutes each. Visual aides or powerpoints are welcome but not required.

  • Q&A, discussion, or feedback to presenters should be held until all have had the opportunity to present.

Evaluating Presentations:

  • Each panelist needs to complete this google form, assessing the presentation's use of evidence, analysis, communication, and community.

  • If multiple students shared in a presentation, submit a rating for each student (it is possible group members receive very similar or even identical scores, such as with a group project).

  • The areas presentations are assessed within are described in greater detail in this document.

Submitting Final Research Papers:

  • Those students with complete research papers will have their final research published in a conference proceedings hosted on the WWU Debate Union website.

  • Final copies of research papers need to be received by May 1, 2022 for inclusion. Submit final papers here.

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