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WWU Tournament Resources

Welcome to the 2021 WWU Viking Invitational, hosted online January 22, 23, and 24! This page provides links to important resources and information necessary for navigating the online tournament.

The full tournament invitation is here.

Tournament Schedule

Friday 1/22

8:00          Round 0

8:30          Extemp Draw

8:45          Round 1, Pattern A

10:30        Extemp Draw

10:45        Round 2, Pattern A

12:15        Lunch Break

1:00          Round 1, Pattern B

2:45          Round 2, Pattern B

4:30          Extemp Draw

4:45          Pattern A Finals.

6:30          Pattern B Finals.

TBD          IE Awards.

Saturday 1/23

8:00              Round 0

8:30              Debate Round 1

10:15            Debate Round 2

12:00            Lunch Break

1:00              Debate Round 3

3:00              Debate Round 4

5:00              Debate Round 5

Sunday 1/24

8:00        Round 0

8:30        Debate Elim Round 1 

10:30      Debate Elim Round 2

1:00        Debate/NFC Awards

TBD        Debate Elims as                          needed

Online Tournament Access

All events except PNW Debate will be hosted on The URL to access the Yaatly site will be emailed to program directors prior to the tournament. It will not be provided publicly. If you are a judge who has been hired by a program, you will need:

1. Register an account on

2. Request that the program you are working with enroll you in their group on Yaatly (necessary if you wish to provide coaching, not necessary if you are only judging).

3. A Speechwire account for completing ballots online. Confirm you are able to log into your account at and contact the group you are working with questions or assistance.

A detailed overview of judging on Speechwire digitally is below:

Tournament Tabroom contact

If you encounter a problem or issue during the course of the tournament, please contact those listed below depending on the nature of the event. Please add to each message.

Tournament director: Travis Cram,

Individual events tab: Jennifer Conner,

IPDA debate tab: Mike Ingram,

BP debate tab: Jacob Witt,

PNW debate tab: Derek Buescher,

Equity and Inclusion Guidelines

Participation in the Viking Classic as a competitor, judge, coach, observer (or in any other capacity) is contingent upon having read and agreeing to uphold the Northwest Forensics Conference code of ethics, available here. Program directors are required to verify understanding and agreement with the code of ethics for all members of their program.


Online competition raises unique issues about privacy and consent. Audio or video recording of events is not permitted unless affirmative universal consent has been obtained by all participants and judges.

Please bring any equity concerns during the tournament the tournament director ( immediately.

Virtual Awards Ceremony

For information on how we will do our virtual awards ceremony, check out: 

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