FALL 2022


Resolved: The criminal justice system in the United States should implement one of the following: community oriented policing; restrictions on plea bargaining; or elimination of private prisons

Resolved: The United States federal government should legalize either marihuana or prostitution.

Previous Topics & Articles

Fall 2019: First Amendment freedoms of speech and/or press protections should be restricted in one or more of the following areas: hate speech, national security, and corporate free speech.

Spring 2020: The United States federal government should expand Fourth Amendment protections by substantially restricting warrantless searches of digital information by law enforcement.

Fall 2020: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should reduce its alliance commitments by terminating one or more of its Asia-Pacific mutual defense pacts.

Spring 2021: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should establish a domestic climate policy, including one of the following: a carbon tax, a cap and trade program, a national renewable portfolio standard.

Fall 2021: Resolved: The United States federal government should increase political citizenship rights to its territories and/or Washington, D.C..

Spring 2022: Resolved: Government mandates are preferable to incentives in response to the affordable housing crisis in the United States..

Topic Papers and Resources

2022-2023 Topic Papers: Topic papers were submitted for:  criminal justice reform, legalization of taboos, recognition of proto-states, and electoral system reform.

2021-2022 Topic Papers: Topic papers were submitted for:  citizenship rights in American territories and D.C.; affordable housing policy, Federal antitrust policy reform, Indigenous and Native American sovereignty, and labor union rights.

2020-2021 Topic Papers: Topic papers were submitted for:  eliminating American defense commitments in the Asia Pacific region; affordable housing policy; national climate change policy reform; federal food assistance reform; and Indigenous and Native American sovereignty.

Spring 2020 Topic Papers: Topic papers were submitted for restricting warrantless digital searches and seizures under the fourth amendment.

Topic areas are selected by program vote every spring. Interested students and coaches can submit a topic proposal paper that establishes the nature of the controversy their topic explores, provides literature citations for research that explores the topic, and spotlights likely areas for affirmative and negative argument development.

Interested in submitting a topic paper? Papers can be submitted by any participating student, coach, or program. A specific guide for constructing topic papers can be accessed at the following link. Deadlines for submissions vary, but are typically set for May each academic year.