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At least one debate team is competing online this tournament. It is possible with Zoom to hold a hybrid debate where some participants are present physically and others join virtually. These steps can help ensure the round functions smoothly.

  • The campus room for hybrid competition is AW 410. The in-person team and the judge should head to this room if assigned on the pairing.

  • All participants need to log into the Zoom session and head to the "AW 410" breakout room. Judges should also log into the session and leave their camera on during speeches so debaters can effectively communicate.

  • In-person debaters can either speak in front of the camera/mic on the desktop computer in the classroom, or their own machines. The speeches of the online team can be broadcast through the desktop computer/projector for everyone else to listen/see.

  • Be sure that only one microphone is enabled in the room. Multiple microphones will create feedback loops and make listening impossible.

Zoom URL:

Zoom PW: wwupnw

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